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If we haven't met before, let us tell you a little about us and why we made this Academy.

We made this Academy for you

Invenire Academy is an online learning and sharing community for those wanting to create better business for people, planet and profit. Through our everyday work on client and public projects, the insights and strategies we develop can greatly benefit others also. The Academy gives us a place where we can share valuable business insights with more people.

Online learning courses offers people a more cost-accessible, self-managed way to gain new insights and ways of thinking. This helps us support those in the early stages of exploring and building their better business ideas.

We believe that sharing value and knowledge is greatly important, to create the better, brighter future we all want. Invenire Academy is just one extra way we can help others create success with their businesses.

Who we are
We believe in ambition. We believe in aspiration. We believe in making a positive dent in the world.
Our mission is to help people create better business - happier and more profitable business that matters.

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Edible Insects Mission

We first got involved in the opportunity of edible insects several years ago. What drove our interest was the huge potential insects' holds to increase global sustainability and food availability, and improve the way we produce and consume food.

Since then, we've continually expanded our knowledge and activities to help grow the edible insects industry. Through market intelligence explorations, partnership projects, industry and ecosystem roadmapping initiatives, and public talks.

We believe edible insects is a shared mission. We need to work together, to grow the insects' market and realise their huge potential. Our core focus is to help insects' businesses and entrepreneurs create real success with their ventures.