Running a truly ethical business has its dark moments. There are no separate playing fields for ethical and aspirational food and nutrition businesses, and competition can be tough. The mission for healthy people and planet can’t be accomplished without proper profit. Better business needs paying customers, who choose your business and products amongst all other choices!

When you need to compete with better value instead of low pricing, there is one powerful asset you should use in the mix. Your origin! The origin is about your roots, your origination and the reason your business exists. An authentic and ethical origin clarifies your identity, as well as builds trust in your customers’ minds. So why not use it maximally – after all, you don’t have anything to hide or shy away from!

The story of origin captures questions such as “Where does it come from? Who has made it? What does it stand for?” – so your ethical mission is a core element of the story. Remember, all authentic and ethical origins matter. “Naturalness” is trendy within food and nutrition, but there are other origins to be proud of, too! As long as the origin is ethical and responsible, it can be everything from a laboratory to a factory.

Utilising the story of your authentic and ethical origin makes your business stronger in the marketplace, because…

  • Unique identity makes you stand out: No matter how tough the competition is, your origin is something no one can take away from you. It creates the difference and uniqueness you can consistently utilise while your business develops.
  • Consumers care about ethics and authenticity: You are the lucky one who’s providing what the consumers are demanding: They want to hear where their food comes from and how it’s been made. They are afraid of unsafe and counterfeited products, so by showing proudly and transparently your origin, you can convince them that you are the real deal!
  • It inspires others to join your cause: Your origin can give you elements that will appeal to the emotional side of humans as well. Thereby you can more easily educate customers/consumers about the impact you are seeking. Most importantly, your compelling story of origin will be easier to remember and also to recount!

Every business has its unique origin. So why not use it for your difference to make better business?

It works to be transparent with your origin! Please find out more about why in this SlideShare.

If you wish to check Invenire’s recipe for creating a powerful story of your origin, please be in touch! We have made a brief Mini Guide for you!