Amongst the abundance of today, it is harder and harder to market and sell. It feels like everything is already invented within the food and nutrition market. Ingredient and product development is mostly incremental, and for any customer or consumer, there are multiple ways to get the nutrients they want. Your business and products should be the ones that stand out, but doling out facts and touting superior product features just isn’t enough.

One way to create your unique difference, which no competitor can steal from you, is to utilise the story of your origin. The origin is about your roots, your origination and the reason your business exists. An authentic and ethical origin can create a clear identity for you in your customers’ minds.

To be clear, all authentic and ethical origins matter. In the era when everything is overly “natural”, we tend to forget that there are other origins to be proud of too! You can just as well be proud of your laboratory origin, where you have developed the synthetic and safe ingredient, your science background and love of chemistry, your big factory producing something with reliable high quality, or the classical “everything started in the garage” case. The story of origin captures questions such as “Where does it come from? Who has made it? What does it stand for?” – so people and your mission matter too.

Food and nutrition businesses would benefit from utilising their origin story more. Here are a few reasons why the authentic story of your origin is beneficial for your business:

  • Meeting the market demand: The undisputed fact is that consumers nowadays increasingly care about the ethics and authenticity of food and nutritional products. Providing a transparent origin will also set you clearly apart from those who have something to hide. In today’s world, if the companies are not open about their provenance, someone else will do it for them. The story of your origin is what consumers care about.
  • Building consistent identity: The story of your origin builds a clear and consistent core identity for your business and portfolio. It helps in developing and selling a wide range of products or developing your business through different lifecycle stages without confusing your customers/consumers.
  • Creating basis for powerful branding and marketing: Your origin can give you elements that will appeal to the emotional side of your customers, too. When we are typically good with facts and rational USPs, utilising your origin and the emotional elements related to that will make your brand and marketing more effective. After all, none of us runs on pure rational logic alone – don’t be afraid to tap into your customer’s emotions.

Every business has its unique origin. So why not use it for your difference?

Use your origin, because it works. Find out the reasons why in this SlideShare.

If you wish to check Invenire’s recipe for creating a powerful story of your origin, please be in touch! We have made a brief Mini Guide for you!