If you want to make good business, you need to have paying customers. You need customers who choose you over the all other available choices. When it comes to the food and nutrition industry, there’s one customer group that needs priority over all others – consumers. Eating is something all of us do daily!

If you know how to sell your food & nutrition “thing” (ingredient, technology, science, product, service…) to a consumer, you can sell it to everybody in the value chain. It's as simple as that! The winning approach requires the ability to see everything from outside in. To see (and feel) the world through consumers’ eyes. This is called a consumer centric approach.

Here are a few reasons why it works throughout the value chain with all stakeholders:

  • We are all humans: Business is about dealing with human beings. No matter where you stand in the value chain, emotions play always a role. Stories sell and facts only tell. If you wish a someone to take the action you want, whether she is a consumer, B2B customer, investor or another relevant stakeholder, you need to engage them emotionally. They think “Why should I care?”, so be prepared to deliver answers!
  • Solutions sell, not specs: Consumer centric thinking leads to easier sales! It is about selling solutions and delivering value (as cliché as it might sound!) instead of purely offering products and good service. Developing a great technology, science, ingredient, product or service is often a very rational art. It is all about you and your capabilities. But when you wish someone to buy your product, then it is not about you anymore. It is about them! When you have a clear answer to “What’s in this for the final consumer?” you are in a strong position to sell the idea and business opportunity to all your stakeholders.
  • Loyalty makes better business: A loyal customer base is the guaranteed path to steadier revenue streams and better profitability. Being the one and only choice for the consumer means your business can sustain better profits – and for the long term. True loyalty goes beyond simple habits - it is a relationship. “Would I miss you, if you were gone?” is the ultimate question in the minds of consumers – and other stakeholders. What's important is ensuring they answer “YES, I would very much miss you!”.

Be the one who is worth caring about, the one that is most relevant, the one that would be missed! Of course, you need to have a great product and solution. Of course, you also have to have the rational and logical argument why you are the best. But success for food & nutrition businesses though lies in seeing the world through consumer' eyes.

Consumer centric thinking is powerful. It works. It can even make the unwanted desirable!

A consumer centric approach is one of several themes covered within our Edible Insects online course on Invenire Academy. You can learn more about how to adopt this approach, within insects as a case example! The course includes hands-on exercises to practice applying consumer-centric thinking.

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